Medstreaming is revolutionizing the way that Health Systems and Delivery Networks collect data and use analytics. The Data and Analytics Module from Medstreaming uses a very holistic acquisition engine to bring together disparate data silos, better understand Population Health and link patients to better care and outcomes.

Capturing Data

Medstreaming uses unique and innovative technologies to act as ‘Performance Layers’ on top of legacy technology in the EMR, CVIS, ORIS, MMIS, and Revenue Cycle products as well as the Image Management, RIS and PACS Systems. This allows Medstreaming to pull comprehensive enterprise-wide snapshots of the organization.
Medstreaming can deploy technologies to fill in the workflow gaps, and create continuity with the Health Information System Strategy with world class innovative products like the Structured Sketch. The Structured Sketch is a tool that can be used by providers to document patient encounters, perioperative procedures and diagnostic imaging studies. Structured Sketch enables providers to document with a stroke of a stylus, and quickly creates structured data.


Collecting and combining the data to create a usable platform that creates actionable intelligence is just the beginning. Medstreaming will provide your Health System with the proven tools to create data models, and begin the journey to understanding your organization. The Medstreaming Analytics Engine will provide a nimble tool that will expose models in each clinical, financial and operational silo of your healthcare organization. Our team of scientists and statistical analysts will provide proven strategies to help make sense of your data, and create a long-term strategy for optimization and future control parameters.
The user interface was created to expose the Data Models on consumer level spreadsheet technology, and is web based. Real-time data, from anywhere.
Medstreaming has created a very dynamic user experience ‘Visual Analytics’ that acts as a presentation layer and allows users to trend data and tie control parameters to an unlimited number of collection criteria. This user interface innovation adds a cohesion layer that extends the power of the structured data to unlimited utilization.

Predictive Analytics

As the data grows in the Data Modeling Layer, Medstreaming will help your organization validate and optimize how each service line delivers care. The Predictive Analytics Markers give key insight into Population Health Management, Treatment Strategies and Outcome Analysis. This actionable intelligence will not only provide exposure to the static data coming from the HIS or EMR system; Medstreaming has created a competent Imaging Analytics platform that will leverage the data from Medical Imaging.

Health Economics and Value Analysis

As the delivery strategy in today’s modern healthcare climate stratifies around balancing the care continuum, data is more important than ever. Medstreaming will provide Value Analysis and immediate exposure to where the expenses and revenues are focused. The models will immediately uncover the key business data and create a baseline for evaluating Preventative Medicine and End of Life Care.