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Medstreaming All In One EMR is the first fully integrated PACS, PM and EMR system that has a single back-end database which enables an integrated patient charting/evaluation workflow with image interpreting and structured reporting workflow. Medstreaming EMR image processing is 510K FDA cleared. Medstreaming EMR directly integrates with imaging devices like Ultrasound, ECG, CT, MR, and Xray which eliminates the need for expensive HL7 and DICOM interfacing as well as the associated complexity of IT implementation and support.


Changing the way that physicians document

It has been documented that most physicians experience a significant bottleneck in productivity when digitizing their practices. The reasons typically point to limitations in workflows, and a high demand for cumbersome data input. Medstreaming was designed to give Physicians the critical workflow efficiencies to make documenting and reporting a fast and easy process. We have proven the ability to increase Physician Efficiency by deploying new cutting edge technologies.

Medstreaming ‘All in One’ PACS and Image Module

Our Image Management Module allows you to treat the patient with a photographic history and compare visit to visit progress that can only be appreciated visually. Bringing an image into a visit note seamlessly can be a very powerful representation of the clinical treatment. The image management module is also a fully functional PACS system and will take in diagnostic imaging in DICOM format. This amazing feature allows you to immediately receive diagnostic images into your patient health records. Medstreaming is a pioneer and the first ever EMR vendor to combine its architecture to include this type of image management module. Many Ultrasound machines will allow for the measurements to populate into natural language. The automation in the imaging ecosystem can save critical time and populate important information in a structured report.

Medstreaming Sketch to Text

This technology allows a physician to draw a treatment plan or create clinical findings by drawing.  Sketch to Text provides a ledger and sketch library containing different parts of the anatomy.  The drawings correlate with the database and create language.  An encounter that might have required 15-20 clicks in a typical EMR platform would only take a few seconds as the physician would use a stylist to indicate that the patient is presenting with pain and a circle to indicate the location and many other important data collection categories.   

Game Changing User Interface

The typical EMR has a very static User Interface and does not give a physician an elegant, usable display of the Patient.  Our engineers have worked tirelessly to develop the most impressive Health Care Information Technology User Interface in the world.  The ‘Dockable Windows’ feature allows a provider to make any piece of data available on their workstation.  This is done by simply dragging and dropping the information to the User Interface.  These different views can be locked and saved for different exam types, and can be customized to an unlimited number of clinical scenarios.

Data and Analytics-The Next Generation

Today, the typical Data and Analytics tool from an Electronic Health Records platform is very rudimentary and makes data mining very difficult. Medstreaming ‘All in One’ gives your practice a real-time Web Based application that allows you to evaluate data from the entire patient ecosystem. From Marketing analysis, patient screening eligibility through to the revenue cycle, this analytics engine can give you the most comprehensive analytics.   It is very simple to use, as we have designed the analytics tool to be used as a web base performance layer of Microsoft excel.  

Close The Information Loop

Physician Portal- Your practice can convey electronic information to referring Physicians and/or hospitals via the Medstreaming Physician Portal.  This portal not only digitizes the communication and transfer of patient data, it also delivers a professional representation to your community or network of physicians.  

Patient Online Portal-Patients will have access to the result outputs as soon as they are available. Medstreaming Patient Portal eliminates the need for many of the outbound calls and follow-up interactions. 

Medstreaming Practice Management - A system that offers real-time eligibility verification on the front-end of the patient encounter and provides robust back-end billing.  This all ties seamlessly with the Data and Analytics module to make your reporting simple.

Costs and Limitations:

 - Certificate of EHR Compliance
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