Medstreaming OBGYN Information System aims to bring a holistic approach to treating your patient population with a dynamic scalable tool. The Medstreaming Approach, providing end to end solutions with a single back-end database, was brought forward by a vision that is driven by creating very efficient delivery in today’s health-care climate. Elevating the quality of care delivered, enhancing patient safety and carving out clinical costs.

Revolutionary Integration with EMR and HIS Data

Medstreaming’s ‘All In One’ OBGYN Provides an independent and contained, patient-centric, fully integrated workflow engine, with an EMR/PACS/Structured Reporting infrastructure. Medstreaming’s ‘All In One’ OBGYN also acts as a workflow layer on top of general EMR/HIS systems like Epic, Cerner, Meditech or Allscripts. This enables Medstreaming’s ‘All In One ’ workflow layer to create service line continuity and eliminates fragmented workflow. Medstreaming’s revolutionary ‘All In One’ EMR/PACS integrated layer is the only OBGYN in today’s healthcare space to completely solve the traditionally disparate Enterprise OBGYN Technology delivery strategies.
Medstreaming ‘All In One’ PACS/EMR database creates a revolutionary web-based data analytics back-end that is the first to market and generations ahead of its time. Enable powerful administrative functionality, clinical trial and research quality data, Quality Assurance Automation, with Referral Source and Revenue Cycle Management.

Connectivity, Execution and Access

Medstreaming understands the Information Technologies hardships of today’s healthcare environment. Your facility may need help with the challenges of connecting to your physicians with the data necessary to deliver the highest quality of patient care. Medstreaming OBGYN leverages a breadth of expertise and history of creating seamless interoperability.

Streaming PACS

Streaming PACS is a vendor neutral specialty based PACS by Medstreaming designed to provide unprecedented centralized image review, processing and management platform that serve all your needs across a wide variety of specialties.


Medstreaming Real-Time Whiteboard gives the robust scheduling platform needed to give your service line the visibility needed to assure efficiency. The Real-time Resource Allocation Engine will assure that patients and providers make the most out of critical clinical interactions. Click here for more information on how Whiteboard can enhance your facility’s overall productivity.

Data Analytics

Medstreaming is revolutionizing the way that Health Systems and Delivery Networks collect data and use analytics. The Data and Analytics Module from Medstreaming uses a very holistic acquisition engine to bring together disparate data silos, in order to better understand Population Health and link patients to better care and outcomes.

Click here to read more about Medstreaming Data Analytics.

Multimedia Reports

Medstreaming Multimedia Reports enhance the overall communication within your specialty by enhancing the reporting process to make sure you can communicate the right message either from Doctor-To-Doctor or Doctor-To-Patient. Utilizing Medstreaming Structured Data Platform; the Multimedia Reports gives you the ability to move from the text-based reporting toward the visual-based reporting while maintaining the data structure and the ability to automatically generate the appropriate clinical language. Medstreaming Multimedia reports are easy to build and customize, a variety of inputs can be added to the reports, including but not limited to key images, Graphical Fusion™ Sketches, parameters trending, structured tabular and text-based data.

Accreditation & Registries

Medstreaming Accreditation & Registries significantly reduces the effort, time and cost to collect, organize, verify and report accreditation and registry data. It takes care of the process in the background at high accuracy and speed while you can take care of your daily routine. It also gives more flexibility by supporting the most popular accreditation and registries providers.