Today’s Office Based Lab presents a very intricate and complicated healthcare environment. The challenges presented by the different treatment ‘ecosystems’ and rapid transitions in the care continuum, represent one of healthcare’s most diverse delivery models.
Medstreaming has introduced the first ‘All in One’ approach to tie together the different stories being told as the patient moves through the complex steps, starting with Diagnostic Testing and completing the treatment cycle with a successful intervention. The challenge in this space is very similar to what Healthcare Information Technology professionals have struggled with for decades. The lack of continuity with these ‘Multi-Discipline’ care delivery strategies is very difficult to integrate and piece together. Medstreaming uses the ‘All in One’ approach and some very specific innovations to successfully create critical efficiencies and deliver the best point of care results.

Solving Problems with Data Management

One of the many challenges facing a new or existing OBL is the amount of data that administrators, operators, nursing staff, and physicians have to interpret on a daily basis. Much of this data is compiled and exists only in paper form. Compounding the problem is the diversity of data and devices and modalities that create it. A very diverse and compelling wealth of data is produced in the form of conventional ultrasound imaging, ‘office visit’ notes, sketch diagrams, patient monitoring, catheterization devices, hemodynamic devices and patient medications. These pieces of information can be leveraged to create actionable treatments and the data can be aggregated to help providers to promote guided decision support.

The Right Solution for Managing Your Center

Medstreaming’s ‘All in One’ brings together imaging, diagnostics, and traditional practice management and EMR in a single informatics workflow application designed specifically for the OBL market. With this complete offering, data preserves its structure and remains whole throughout the patient treatment cycle from the practice management module to the imaging modality and back into the EMR. The system optimizes workflow, eliminates manual entry, and enhances patient safety and clinical accuracy with one unified solution. This end-to-end solution should be supported with a single back-end database and web-based analytics engine.
Tying the intra-procedural workflow to the inventory management software in the OBL provides fast and accurate case costing and monitoring. The effects of a change in personnel or medical device can be instantaneously calculated. The Center can calculate case costing, device utilization, consignment stock and medication utilization, and factor in staffing costs and metrics.

The Next Generation of Medicine-Predictive Analytics

Unified, structured IT workflow/fusion layers will help drive a better data model. The better data model can quickly contribute to a full clinical data modeling and predictive analytics backbone. The precision of the ‘Medstreaming Acquisition Engine,’ with the tool sets that are utilized with GFW and the Modality Connectivity, builds the most complete database in healthcare. The most advantageous byproducts that can be derived from this approach are the data model, actionable intelligence, predictive analytics and clinical decision support. Medstreaming will enable your center to create validated treatment and diagnostic protocols, and monitor efficacy long term.

Graphic Fusion Workflow™

Graphic Fusion Workflow™ allows physicians to create treatment plans or develop clinical findings by drawing on specialty-based diagrams. GFW technology provides a graphical history and sketches library containing different parts of the anatomy. The drawings correlate with the database and create structured language, further supporting the quest to create minable data in all facets of the digital solution. An encounter that might have required 15 to 20 clicks and many minutes of time in a typical EMR platform would only take a few seconds using this new technology. These types of technologies also create communication efficiencies by providing a visual medical history, which quickly orients the physician to the patient’s past procedures and diagnostic studies.

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Streaming PACS

Streaming PACS is a vendor neutral specialty based PACS by Medstreaming designed to provide unprecedented centralized image review, processing and management platform that serve all your needs across a wide variety of specialties.


Medstreaming Real-Time Whiteboard gives the robust scheduling platform needed to give your service line the visibility needed to assure efficiency. The Real-time Resource Allocation Engine will assure that patients and providers make the most out of critical clinical interactions. Click here for more information on how Whiteboard can enhance your facility’s overall productivity.

Data Analytics

Medstreaming is revolutionizing the way that Health Systems and Delivery Networks collect data and use analytics. The Data and Analytics Module from Medstreaming uses a very holistic acquisition engine to bring together disparate data silos, in order to better understand Population Health and link patients to better care and outcomes.

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Multimedia Reports

Medstreaming Multimedia Reports enhance the overall communication within your specialty by enhancing the reporting process to make sure you can communicate the right message either from Doctor-To-Doctor or Doctor-To-Patient. Utilizing Medstreaming Structured Data Platform; the Multimedia Reports gives you the ability to move from the text-based reporting toward the visual-based reporting while maintaining the data structure and the ability to automatically generate the appropriate clinical language. Medstreaming Multimedia reports are easy to build and customize, a variety of inputs can be added to the reports, including but not limited to key images, Graphical Fusion™ Sketches, parameters trending, structured tabular and text-based data.

Accreditation & Registries

Medstreaming Accreditation & Registries significantly reduces the effort, time and cost to collect, organize, verify and report accreditation and registry data. It takes care of the process in the background at high accuracy and speed while you can take care of your daily routine. It also gives more flexibility by supporting the most popular accreditation and registries providers.