A set of AI-based solutions for health systems, hospitals and ambulatory to aggregate and curate data & images from structured and unstructured data sources while providing specialty reporting solutions, analytics and automated registry data submission.

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NLP-Based Data Abstraction App

Medstreaming Data Abstraction App is a web based solution that aggregates and analyzes data from a wide variety of sources within your healthcare facility and utilizes A.I. techniques to extract the data required for registry submission from structured and un-structured data sources.

The Data Abstraction App follows societies guidelines and data validation rules to maintain the integrity of the extracted structured data and links the original data source to the final abstracted data to present a valid evidence of data abstraction.


Unified Data Abstraction Platform

Streamline Structured and Un-Structured Data Elements

  • Registry-managed data template
  • Real-time data-template updates
  • Aggregate structured and unstructured data sources
  • Data abstraction evidence
  • Direct submission to registries
  • Upgradable to Workflow App

  • Integrated data validation engine
  • Integrated A.I. data automation tools
  • Integrated NLP processing engine
  • Integrated OCR processing engine
  • Integrated Graphical Fusion Workflow™ Technology
  • Built-in Medstreaming Integration Gateway

Standard Registry Data Collection Across the Enterprise

Medstreaming Data Abstraction App is revolutionizing the way that Health Systems and Delivery Networks collect structured data for registries submission. Medstreaming Data Abstraction App built in AI data aggregation platform enables the enterprise to overcome the limitations of any EMR and standardize the registry data collection across the enterprise through a registry-driven data collection scheme and unified parameters.
With a wide variety of compatible registries, the Data Abstraction App will be your reliable solution for all registries data collection across your healthcare enterprise.

Upgradable to Workflow App

Medstreaming Workflow Apps provide an end-to-end data management platforms throughout the entire care cycle including imaging, reporting, hemodynamics, inventory management, charge capture, registry integration, analytics and more. All the data entry tools and exam types within Medstreaming Workflow Apps are designed to collect all the structured data needed for your registry submission in the background to save your time, effort, and eliminate double work.

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