Combined Organizations will Service Over 1,750 Enterprise Hospitals and Physician Offices Globally

Medstreaming, a leading provider of innovative healthcare cardiovascular and radiology workflow software solutions, today announced the acquisition of M2S, a leading provider of registry software technology designed for healthcare quality improvement.  The combined organizations will service over 1,750 enterprise hospitals and physician office practices across the US and internationally. It will provide IT solutions designed to create workflow efficiencies and bring insights to healthcare providers and patients across the disease continuum of care.

“This acquisition will enable the creation of new breakthrough healthcare informatics technologies which allow clinical workflow to automatically aggregate registry data”, said Wael Elseaidy, Medstreaming co-founder and CEO.   “These enabling technologies will marry multiple registries within the clinical workflow and fully automate registry data submission, creating significant efficiency and productivity benefits for users across the care continuum.  Through the use of point-of-care data entry and personalized real-time outcome reporting, we are entering a new era of healthcare IT.”

Medstreaming plans to integrate its Graphic Fusion Workflow™ into the M2S registry applications to create a more user-friendly data sharing ecosystem.  The goal is to create a governed global data platform for disease management where providers, patients, clinical researchers, medical device and pharmaceutical companies, and regulators can leverage the same platform to address the most challenging issues in healthcare today.   Through collaboration within a single platform, all healthcare stakeholders will benefit as the ecosystem matures and the data set grows over time.

In addition, Medstreaming will integrate its new big data analytics technology into the M2S registry offering, enabling users to accelerate discovery and perform breakthrough data analysis.  The addition of Medstreaming’s big data analytics to the M2S registry platform will unleash a new wave of innovation.   The platform will apply new findings while extending best practice information and guidelines to the point of patient care.  It will also create the opportunity to fully integrate clinical research, clinical trials and post-market surveillance into the registry offering.  This solution will enable the registry-governed data to grow exponentially in value.

“Registry data presents a clean, controlled data set when compared to other data sources in healthcare IT; hence, it must be the gold standard for care guidelines.  We intend to integrate our new real-time dynamic workflow based registry platform into all major enterprise EMR’s to facilitate better care through integrated best practices,” said Elseaidy.

“With over 20 years of combined experience dedicated to the development of disruptive healthcare technologies, we will leverage the talent of both organizations to better serve our customers,” said Greg Lange, M2S CEO.  “We are excited about our future.”

“M2S’s impressive team, extensive list of clients and users, and innovative registry software applications complement the Medstreaming’s organization and our vision,” said Michael Thompson, Medstreaming’s chief operating officer.   “We have had the opportunity to get to know Greg and his organization closely over the last four years.  When the opportunity to bring M2S into the Medstreaming organization was presented to Medstreaming, it was only viewed as a natural progression of the successful relationship we have built together.

“We are thrilled to have Greg and the M2S team join us.  Together we are well-positioned to scale globally as we continue to build our disease management ecosystem,” Thompson concluded.

About Medstreaming

Many challenges confront the medical industry due to an extremely fragmented data management structure.  To address this fragmentation, Medstreaming created a Specialty-Based Vascular, Cardiovascular, and Women’s Health Workflow Application which functions as a “best of breed” performance layer in the inpatient workflow on top of inpatient electronic medical records (EMR). Using this clinical workflow expertise, Medstreaming has also developed the industry’s first “All in One” integrated platform application that runs as an outpatient EMR, image management & reporting, and practice management workflow solution.  All Medstreaming solutions act as an aggregator for structuring clinical data which in turn creates powerful data service offerings for multi-purpose, web-based, data mining and data analytics. Medstreaming is headquartered in Redmond, WA. For more information, visit

About M2S®

M2S is a healthcare performance management solutions company that provides innovative technology and services for the healthcare industry to manage clinical information and utilize that information to improve the quality of patient care and reduce costs. The Vascular Quality Initiative is built on M2S’s PATHWAYS clinical data performance platform, allowing users to track, measure, and analyze clinical information, promote collaboration, objectively drive decisions, and optimize performance. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Maged Mikhail VP of Marketing Medstreaming [email protected] 630-915-7794