Massachusetts General Hospital Adopts Medstreaming Application

Medstreaming, a leading developer of medical information technology (IT) solutions, is presenting the company’s “All-in-One” Clinical Data Management (CDM) Platform and announcing its expanded analytics module at the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) annual conference being held February 23 – 27, 2014. Medstreaming’s integrated platform technology fuses medical imaging and healthcare data allowing for the creation of CDM.

“This is the first ‘All in One’ clinical data management solution in the market which enables users to access and view data in ways that were never feasible in the past”, said Wael Elseaidy, Ph.D., CEO of Medstreaming.  “The CDM technology allows for the creation of specialty-based data models with powerful predictive analytic, correlation analytic, and image-based analytics.”

Four distinct components make up Medsteaming’s CDM.  Those components include a Data Aggregation Layer which aggregates data from a multitude of healthcare data sources including imaging modalities, medical devices, diagnostic equipment, EMR’s, laboratories, pharmacy, billing, claims, and genomics.  The Productivity Workflow Fusion Layer presents integrated data along with medical images in a workflow solution designed to elevate productivity and efficiencies within a clinical specialty or clinical service line.  The Data Modeling Layer organizes fused data from the workflow layer to create data models and prepares fused data for warehousing and big data applications.  The Data Analytic Ecosystem allows for the creation of user-defined administrative and clinical dashboards, enabling the manipulation of imaging and clinical data to gain insights into department productivity, disease management, and clinical outcomes.

Medstreaming’s CDM platform also incorporates productivity features which include Graphic Fusion Workflow (GFW).  GFW significantly reduces manual data entry by using data models and repetitive patterns to automate manual data entries. This represents a major leap in increasing workflow performance. Physicians no longer have to review hundreds of images and charts to manage patient care. GFW technology also enables Medstreaming’s proprietary Anatomical Analytics which correlates an anatomic picture to findings for tens of thousands of patients.  It is analogous to many population health metric diagrams but uses anatomical sketches instead of maps to view large clinical data sets.

“We can now view clinical data in a completely different way”, said Elseaidy.  “Medstreaming’s Clinical Data Management (CDM) will automatically construct an integrated workflow layer that fuses imaging and charting data in customized disease management views, significantly enhancing the speed and quality of the work performed.”

About Medstreaming

Many challenges confront the medical industry due to an extremely fragmented data management structure.  To address this fragmentation, Medstreaming created a Specialty-Based Vascular, Cardiovascular, and Women’s Health Workflow Application which functions as a “best of breed” performance layer in the inpatient workflow on top of inpatient electronic medical records (EMR). Using this clinical workflow expertise, Medstreaming has also developed the industry’s first “All in One” integrated platform application that runs as an outpatient EMR, image management & reporting, and practice management workflow solution.  All Medstreaming solutions act as an aggregator for structuring clinical data which in turn creates powerful data service offerings for multi-purpose, web-based, data mining and data analytics. Medstreaming is headquartered in Redmond, WA. For more information, visit

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