Big-Data Image-Based Registry Platform with complementary services to enable medical specialty societies to create a successful self-sustaining registry that provides standardize and governed clinical data models for data sharing among all stakeholders.

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Mobile Platform To Capture Real-Time Patient Outcome Data

Integrated mobile platform to capture real-time patient outcome data directly into the specialty registry platform. Our innovative Patient-Reported Outcome solution plays a prominent role in assessing performance and determining the comparative effectiveness of different treatments, in a healthcare market with a growing emphasis on patient-centered care and value-based payment approaches.
The solution also enables benchmarking the performance of health care providers, potentially allowing payers to link reimbursement to evidence of the effectiveness of their treatment.

Registry-Based Patient Centered Care

Integrated Machine Learning & Predictive Modeling For Better Care Guidance

Medstreaming Patient Reported Outcome Solutions provide benchmarking of treatment plans and utilize machine learning and predictive modeling based on registry data to help the patient select the right treatment path based on real-world data. Our solutions also are ready to integrate with future wearable medical devices, offering patients the ability to be more engaged with their healthcare plan.

  • Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL)
  • Symptoms reporting
  • Function reporting
  • Perceived value of care
  • Perceived value of treatment

  • Adherence to prescribed medications
  • Adherence to treatment plan
  • Provider evaluation
  • Post-treatment follow up
  • Real-world registry-based care guidance

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Medstreaming Announces The Acquisition of Registry Software Vendor M2S

On March 29, 2016, Medstreaming announced the acquisition of M2S, a leading provider of registry software technology designed for healthcare quality improvement. The combined organizations will service over 1,750 enterprise hospitals and physician office practices across the US and internationally.

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