Big-Data Image-Based Registry Platform with complementary services to enable medical specialty societies to create a successful self-sustaining registry that provides standardize and governed clinical data models for data sharing among all stakeholders.

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Big Data Image-Based Registry Platform for Specialty Societies

Medstreaming Big Data Image-Based Registry Platform integrates clinical data, cost data, images, patient-reported outcomes and other data sources under one ecosystem to enables machine learning and AI over large clinical and image data sets. The platform offers 100% data capture through data models governed by medical societies for reporting, analysis and represents the core of Medstreaming Disease Management Platform which enables secured global data sharing services for all types of data stakeholders.

Accessibility & Infrastructure

  • Cloud-hosted solution with web-based access.
  • Requires no software to install so no impact to IT departments.
  • Supports regional quality groups setup.
  • Wide variety of reliable data integration and collection options.

Quality Assurance

  • Data collection validation.
  • Societies-governed data collection schemes.


  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant.
  • Patient Safety Rule compliant for PSOs.

The First Image-Based Registry Platform Worldwide

Enable Machine Learning and AI Over Large Medical Images Data Sets

Medstreaming Registry Platform is the first registry platform worldwide to introduce the inclusion of medical images into specialty registries collected data. Combined with powerful analytics and machine learning; the platform offers an opportunity to develop new benchmarking standards, further explore and promote utilization of all the information embedded in the images, and provide the healthcare imaging industry with an entirely new platform to conduct research and drive product development.

Powerful Analytics Platform

Powered by Medstreaming Analytics & Big-Data expertise; our registry platform enables all stakeholders to drive value beyond quality measurement and improvement, combined with Medstreaming Advanced Data Visualization Tools, the platform dramatically reduced the learning curve to analyze the data and enabled actionable intelligence as never before.

Medstreaming Registry Platform offers simple yet secure access and distribution solutions for each user to view reports, use BI interactive dashboards or customize data visualization reports and dashboard for performance measurements, benchmarking, outcome analysis and research.

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Medstreaming/M2S Medical Societies Partners

Medstreaming/M2S successfully established solid partnerships with key national and international medical societies and were able to provide end-to-end professional solutions and services from establishing the initial clinical registry vision and data definitions to growing membership and procedure volume, we have extensive experience in helping medical societies to successfully develop, launch and market their registries. In addition, we have become a partner in supporting research and industry projects through our dedicated project management teams.

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Medstreaming Announces The Acquisition of Registry Software Vendor M2S

On March 29, 2016, Medstreaming announced the acquisition of M2S, a leading provider of registry software technology designed for healthcare quality improvement. The combined organizations will service over 1,750 enterprise hospitals and physician office practices across the US and internationally.

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First Image-Based Registry Worldwide: Society for Vascular Ultrasound, Society for Vascular Surgery and Medstreaming-M2S Introduce New Vascular Ultrasound Registry

The new Vascular Ultrasound Registry represents an expansion of the SVS VQI which will combine noninvasive (vascular ultrasound) testing data with vascular treatment and outcomes data, making it possible to analyze the relationships between diagnosis and care provided to patients with vascular disease.

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