Intelligent Solutions for Healthcare Providers and Ambulatory

Medstreaming provides AI-based workflow applications to enable 360 view of multimedia data sets for intelligent navigation of medical information and provides real-time care guidance at the point of care.

AI-Based Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems

AI-Based Workflow Apps




Women’s Health

Registry Data Abstraction

Abstraction App

Manual Abstraction

Analytics & Local Registry


All-In-One Solutions for Ambulatory

[EMR – PACS – PM – RCM – Analytics]

All-In-One Specialty-Based Solutions

Specialty EMR


Wound Care


Real-World Evidence at The Point-Of-Care

Real-World Evidence data services based on specialty registries data to provide intelligent clinical decision support, care guidance and benchmarking to the point-of-care. Integrated within Medstreaming AI-Based Workflow Apps, each provider can easily access and utilize our platform to perform a wide range of automated tasks for a better quality of care and real-world based treatment plans.

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