A set of AI-based solutions for health systems, hospitals and ambulatory to aggregate and curate data & images from structured and unstructured data sources while providing specialty reporting solutions, analytics and automated registry data submission.

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Specialty-Based Ambulatory EMR

Medstreaming All In One EMR provides an end-to-end data management platform throughout the entire care cycle. Our EMR is the first fully integrated PACS and EMR system that has a single backend database which enables integrated patient charting/evaluation workflow with imaging and structured reporting.

Medstreaming Ambulatory EMR provides a secure multi-facility system with a single platform allowing you to aggregate structured data efficiently and help improve the quality of care provided to patients.

Leverage Your Most Valuable Asset

Medstreaming is revolutionizing the way that Health Systems and Delivery Networks collect structured data and use analytics. Medstreaming Data Analytics & BI Platform uses a very holistic acquisition engine to bring together disparate data silos for a better understanding of Population Health and linking patients to better care and outcomes.

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The Power of Graphical Fusion Workflow™

Medstreaming Graphical Fusion Workflow Technology™ reduces the need for traditional data entry and dictation while building more structured data with visual interactive tools designed to simplify the complexity of studies and procedures documentation.

PACS and Imaging Module

Using the power of Medstreaming SR Gateway and our expertise in integrating imaging modalities from different vendors; Medstreaming EMR/PACS guarantees a vendor-neutral environment with consistent images and measurements mapping giving you the power to do all your offline measurements and the reporting within the same system.

Communicate with Multimedia Reports

Communicate the right message from Doctor-To-Doctor or from Doctor-To-Patient. Medstreaming Multimedia Reports utilizes Medstreaming Structured Data Platform to give you the ability to move from text-based reporting to visual-based reporting while maintaining the data structure and the ability to automatically generate the appropriate clinical language for consistent standard reporting across your organization.

The Future of Workflow Management

Improve the overall productivity through our interactive real-time activity monitoring and workflow management Whiteboard. Medstreaming Whiteboard enhances the overall communication between different teams to provide better care and improve productivity.

Master Registries Data Collection

Collect registry data and submit it to registries directly from Medstreaming while focusing on what you do best – giving better care for your patients. All the data entry tools and exam types within Medstreaming are designed to collect all the structured data needed for your registry submission to save your time, effort and eliminate double work.

Close The Information Loop

Physician Portal- Your practice can convey electronic information to referring Physicians and/or hospitals via the Medstreaming Physician Portal.  This portal not only digitizes the communication and transfer of patient data, it also delivers a professional representation to your community or network of physicians.
Patient Online Portal-Patients will have access to the result outputs as soon as they are available. Medstreaming Patient Portal eliminates the need for many of the outbound calls and follow-up interactions.
Medstreaming Practice Management – A system that offers real-time eligibility verification on the front-end of the patient encounter and provides robust back-end billing.  This all ties seamlessly with the Data and Analytics module to make your reporting simple.