Real-World Evidence Data Services solutions fully integrated with societies-based registries to provide deep insights into clinical data for the pharma, devices and life sciences industry and to provide benchmarking & care guidance to the point-of-care.

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Real World Evidence at The Point-Of-Care

Real-World Evidence data services based on specialty registries data to provide intelligent clinical decision support, care guidance and benchmarking to the point-of-care. Integrated within Medstreaming AI-Based Workflow Apps, each provider can easily access and utilize our platform to perform a wide range of automated tasks for better quality of care and real-world based treatment plans.

Comprehensive Platform for Registry-Based Care Guidance

Benchmarking – Clinical Decision Support – Care Guidance

Our Real-World Data Services are designed to help you take better clinical decisions based on registries governed data, aggregated and structured directly from the point-of-care. With access to real-world evidence datasets related to your specialty, you will be able to dramatically reduce the time and resources required to collect and analyze these datasets.

Automated reports

Custom Reports

BI Dashboards

Image-Based Care Guidance

Being the first to provide Image-Based Registry Platform it is now possible to provide care guidance based on medical images using Medstreaming machine learning algorithms. This unique solution provides new insights based on medical images as an integral part of the clinical diagnosis and treatment process.