Take your diagnostic and surgical reporting to the next level.

Powered by our Graphical Fusion Workflow Technology, Medstreaming uses structured data, coupled with visual interactive tools, to simplify documentation—reducing the need for traditional data entry and dictation.

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The Medstreaming Advantage

Reduce reporting times from days to hours and minutes.

Improving operational performance and clinical outcomes, while lowering costs, are top of mind for healthcare organizations. With 100% integration with your ultrasound DICOM data and measurements, combined with interactive sketch capabilities and macros for common interpretations, Medstreaming helps your sonographers and physicians save time—from start to finish.

Operate from a single system.

Leverage your existing investments with consistent image and measurement mapping, giving you the ability to do all of your offline measurement and reporting within a single system. With over fifteen years of experience integrating imaging modalities from multiple vendors, Medstreaming offers a vendor neutral, multi-modality approach that streamlines your clinical workflow.

Quickly and accurately care for patients with insights from multimedia reports.

Relying solely on text-based narrative reporting is out and multimedia reporting is in. Medstreaming incorporates tagged images and graphical displays of quantitative data trends in reports—so physicians can spend more time caring for patients and less time dictating and documenting.

Increase physician productivity and satisfaction.

In the Medstreaming solution, reports are generated in real-time, as exams occur, allowing physicians to quickly add or validate conclusions. The use of macros reduces the need for dictation and allows for consistent reporting across the entire organization and tagged images allow physicians to compare trends and save time searching for prior studies. Together, this creates a clearer, more comprehensive workflow for reading physicians—leading to higher productivity and physician satisfaction.

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