Advanced Vascular and Cardiovascular Reporting Workflows

Strengthen the depth and quality of your reporting—and improve productivity.

Reduce reporting time from days to hours—or even less.

Designed by clinicians for clinicians, Medstreamings’ customized reporting solutions streamline clinical workflows for vascular and cardiovascular health. The impact: faster clinical decisions and better health outcomes at lower cost.

A structured reporting engine provides the foundation for efficiency across the entire workflow, from exam capture to final report, fully integrated into your HIS workflow.

Vascular Care

Leverage best-of-breed reporting for the consistency and data integrity your organization requires, with the ability to integrate images and sketches directly into patient reports.

Cardiac Care

Capture complex documentation using cardiac and myocardial perfusion imaging templates that maintain structured data and produce a complete multimedia report.

Neurovascular Care

Partner with the only provider of neurovascular lab reporting software for 100% measurement import, embedded images, and trending graphs for all of your transcranial doppler (TCD) studies.

By integrating ultrasound DICOM data and measurement capture with Medstreamings’ sketch capabilities, nurses and technicians accurately and thoroughly capture procedure details in real time as part of their traditional workflows. This creates a multimedia report that is ready for physician review and signature upon case completion, saving time from start to finish.

Providing a more complete picture
for physicians—anywhere, anytime.

As the leader in specialty reporting systems, we understand that timeliness of treatment directly affects patient outcomes. Our physician workflow puts the right information in physicians’ hands—onsite and online—accelerating turnaround times while boosting tech and physician satisfaction.

Improve tech and physician productivity

Standardize reporting across your enterprise to meet IAC accreditation requirements

Seamlessly integrate the system into your HIS with minimal IT support required

With over 15 years of experience integrating imaging modalities from multiple vendors, Medstreaming offers a vendor-neutral, multi-modality approach that integrates seamlessly into your IT ecosystem.

Our structured reporting solution is designed to help your enterprise grow. As you add locations and sonographers, you can rest assured your reports meet accreditation protocols regardless of who performed the exam or where. Our multimedia reports—including tables, images, sketches and trend graphs—set our customers apart, driving referrals.

“We consider ourselves somewhat of a unicorn because we have such a big vascular program. In Medstreaming, we’ve found a company that has invested the time and energy to make vascular reporting easy to complete and easy to scale. They are the right partner for our needs, no matter the setting.”
Carolyn Strek
Director, Vascular Services Line, Sentara Healthcare

Medstreaming is the vascular reporting solution for top health systems, including:

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