A refreshed user experience with
new highly anticipated functionality updates

We are listening to requests submitted on the Picis Ideas Portal and bringing those features to life! Features to help you manage your procedures effectively are the theme of this release. It is our hope that users of MR1 will benefit from a material impact on the number of procedures you can do, support an efficient surgical workflow, streamline procedure documentation and consequently help to improve your facility ROI.

Barcode Scanning

  • This will help speed up documentation and reduce data entry errors in case records
    • Application parse barcodes and retrieve and store data for implants and supplies. Data retrieved includes:
      • Product Code
      • Lot #
      • Expiration Date
      • Donation ID #
      • Serial #
      • Date of Manufacture

Smart Scheduling Workflows

  • When booking a new case, machine learning now can be used to guide the schedulerbased on duration for a particular booking, instead of simple averaging. This will further help maximize the utilization of the OR.

Utilization Metrics

  • Empowers facilities to plan more efficiently using enhanced views of the following:
    • Individual room utilization
    • Individual block utlization
    • Comprehensive utilization reporting of OR rooms
      • Designed to assist with daily planning to maximize the number of procedures performed
    • Immediate creation and editing of scheduling blocks
      • This will allow you to enter edit blocks from the Schedule Viewer, instead of creating a new configuration for just one day
    • Immediate creation and editing of scheduling blocks
      • A new inbox feature displays the schedule in a format to view requests and reservations for a designated time period, including before and after the current date
      • This allows the scheduler to manage their workload more effectively