Proactive prioritization of patient care for surgical scheduling

PriorityQ is a web-based solution designed to assist healthcare providers in managing surgical backlogs and waitlists through proactive patient prioritization planning. Our software incorporates surgeon schedules, patient/procedure severity and resource availability to provide a forward-looking, load planning schedule. This insight helps administrators plan how to manage the surgical queue weeks in advance with the flexibility to adjust on a day-to-day basis.

Concerns created by surgical backlog:

  • Patient: Declining satisfaction and increasing anxiety due to unknown information of when surgery will take place.
  • Surgeon: Clamoring to book/secure OR Time to catch up and meet their patient’s needs.
  • Nurse/Clinician: Facing potential burnout/exhaustion while providing the highest level of patient care.
  • Hospital: Meeting patient and staff needs, while prioritizing schedules, allocating resources and tracking revenue.

PriorityQ proactive scheduler provides:

  • A draft priority of current and backlog case load that helps anticipate logistical coordination.
  • A financial overview to show potential revenue generated based on suggested schedule.
  • Flexibility to modify surgical schedules based on the facility’s priority once scores are delivered.

PriorityQ bases calculations on the following factors:

  • Existing waitlists
  • Hospital thresholds
  • Patient severity level
  • OR time and resources
  • Clinician assignments
  • Revenue forecasting