A hospital quality remote ICU solution that is field ready in times of crisis.

Rapid ICU is a field expedient solution designed to empower hospitals to expeditiously expand critical care offerings in remote locations during times of crisis. Our ICU solution provides integrated device connectivity that helps clinicians maintain the quality of patient care and monitoring they would receive within the hospital walls.

Expedite the transfer of information between staff

  • Dashboard summary with remote access to vitals with eView
  • Integrated device connectivity for patient vital and remote ICU monitoring
  • Multibed configurability for groups of patients
  • Embedded visual ventilator notifications
  • Configuration settings that allow clinician notifications related to patients need for next level of care

Automate the capture of vital information

  • Medical devices
  • Intravenous pumps
  • Lab results
  • Calculations
  • Orders
  • Medications

RapidICU provides:

  • Clear visibility to fluids and medications
  • Interoperability from monitors, ventilators, laboratory systems, HIS and other medical devices at the bedside
  • Configurability to support specific workflow requirements in the field
  • Standard and configurable case templates
  • Proactive tracking and reporting of care compliance