Medstreaming Disease Management Platform

Intelligent Registry-Based Cloud Platform that links patients, care providers, hospitals, medical societies, and industry, for quality improvement. The Disease Management Platform represents Medstreaming integrated technology stack and our vision to provide an end-to-end healthcare IT solution based on real-world data aggregated from the point-of-care and governed by medical societ Save ies. Our registry platform represents the core repository for the aggregated data, it also encapsulates all the data analysis and machine learning algorithms which enable real-world evidence data services for research, industry, and at the point-of-care.

Medstreaming Disease Management Platform has three main categories of solutions & services representing Medstreaming technology stack, which are: Data Aggregation & Curation, Registry Platform & Services, and Real-World Evidence Data Services.

Data Aggregation and Curation

A set of AI-based solutions for health systems, hospitals and ambulatory to aggregate and curate data & images from structured and unstructured data sources while providing specialty reporting solutions and automated registry data submission.

Registry Platform and Services

Big-Data Image-Based Registry Platform with complementary services to enable medical specialty societies to create a successful self-sustaining registry that provides standardize and governed clinical data models for data sharing among all stakeholders.

Real-World Evidence Data Services

Real-World Evidence Data Services solutions fully integrated with societies-based registries to provide deep insights into clinical data for the pharma, devices and life sciences industry and to provide benchmarking & care guidance to the point-of-care.

Medstreaming Solutions & Services

For Healthcare

Medstreaming provides AI-based workflow applications to enable a 360 view of multimedia data sets for intelligent navigation of medical information and providing real-time care guidance at the point of care.

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For Industry
& Life Sciences

Medstreaming provides a real-world evidence platform fully integrated with societies-based registries to help with deep insights of clinical data for better evaluation of implanted devices or drugs over time.

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For Medical

Medstreaming Big Data Image-based registry platform is a fully integrated cloud-based solution with different data capture technologies which drastically reduce the cost of the data entry and data curation.

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For Research
& Clinical Trials

Medstreaming solutions provide curated and governed clinical, images, cost, PRO and other data types in an integrated open platform for clinical research and pre / post clinical marketing studies.

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